Thursday, 7 June 2012

 Hope everyone has enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations, what an amazing few days.

We haven't done many fairs at all this year, but did have a stall at the Blighty Boutique Vintage and Handmade fair , it was a great day, even though in true British fashion it rained !
A few pics of our stall.....

Jo from Hesta Nesta was next to us with her beautiful stall full of vintage and antique treasures....

Wend of Ticking Stripes had a great vibrant display....

I did buy another Quality Street tin from Wend....

Which has  been added to the growing collection

I can only think my fascination with these comes from childhood, when I used to keep stamps in an old QS tin and of course used the shiny wrappers in collages.
Only a couple of days left of the holidays and I am really enjoying being at home after being so busy and visiting family. I am quite appreciative of the fact that teenagers sleep in late, and like the peace and quiet when I get up and can have what Tv or music I want on, or even complete silence!
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This image comes from one of the first vintage photos that I bought from a shop in Southport, one of those sprawling vintage/antique shops that are so stuffed full you wonder if they actually sell anything, but you can find some little gems.

 She is the fairy that I use in my tiny bottles and I also made a large'captured' one to keep.

Enjoy the rest of the week, whatever you're doing Linda xx