Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Just a quick blog before I go away to my mums for a few days with my girls, my husband has to work unfortunately. But it will be lovely to spend some time with my dear old mum who is becoming quite frail, but mentally she is a sharp as a tack and very funny with it.These are all recent car boot finds, my husband knew the stall holder who was selling this case , an elderly gentleman, who told us it was his old air force case and had been around the world with him. That made it all the more special. I think that's part of what makes vintage so special knowing that it has 'lived' another 'life'.
I could not resist this striking blue set...
... or doll complete with dimples
Tins, how I love tins! These were full of nails but the chap selling them was happy to empty them out and just sell me the tins.
This is my favourite, I love a bit of rust!

I haven't had time yet to go through this sewing basket properly, but there looks to be lots of nice of bits and pieces inside.
Enjoy the week whatever you are up to .xx

Monday, 19 July 2010

I really enjoyed 'carbooting' this weekend, well I always do, but it was even more rewarding after a stressy end to the week at work! It was nice to bump into lot's of 'vintage' friends as well. I spotted this pretty flannelette pillowcase being used as wrapping around something being unpacked and asked if it was for sale, the stall holder looked quite bemused by the fact that I wanted to buy it and the old tablecloth she had wrapped around something else, we all look at things differently don't we.
A vintage tea caddy.

I love this biscuit barrel and am hunting round for a space to display it. My house is quite full as every 'Vintage' enthusiast will appreciate.

My favourite find was this Vernon Ward firescreen. Its got a bit of damage in the corner not quite sure what somebody has tried to do but it involves wax crayon.
I love the faded muted colours.

I've got a metal trunk standing in the front of the fireplace at the moment so no room there. I thought it would be a good cover up for the dvd, skybox , etc. but youngest teenager looked aghast at the mere suggestion and it was impossible to change the channel! Enjoy the week and the sun that is expected.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

We had a lovely family day out yesterday, going to a village fete in Buckinghamshire close to where Mum lives- Mum came along too and thoroughly enjoyed herself.
There were lots of traditional stalls and games and a hog roast.
This stall was a big success, Mum and I couldn't help but wonder if any worthy vintage china was being smashed to bits!

I'm not a big car enthusiast, but there is something appealing and beautiful about vintage cars.
I was quite taken with this VW and the stylish blue and cream interior.

There was also a 'White Elephant' stall and a small jumble stall, so I just had to have a look...
...And bring a little bit home...
These 'cornflower' cups and saucers are tiny, but very pretty.
Some retro bedlinen.

My favourite find, a vintage 'Rodwells' soda syphon.

On the way home to mums we went through a beautiful 'chocolate box' village, full of thatched cottages.
But my favourite building was this old chapel in need of some TLC.

What a great restoration project that would be.
Have a great week whatever your'e doing :)

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Today was the Antique and collectables fair at the Fishmarket in Northampton.
We were rushing about getting set up in the morning and saw lot's of people we knew during the day and I totally forgot about taking any photo's! So I just took a few pics as I was packing up.

It was a really enjoyable day and lovely to catch up with 'vintage' friends. Hopefully it will become a regular successful event, the Fishmarket really isn't used to it's full potential, considering the amount of artists, musicians , groups etc. in Northampton.
Oh well back to 'normal' work tommorow only three weeks till the summer holidays, yes I'm on a countdown! enjoy your week whatever you are doing :)

Friday, 2 July 2010

The first antique, collectables, vintage and retro fair , organised by the all new Abington Antiques Centre; will be held at Northampton Fishmarket Sunday 11-5pm.
TabbyRoo and lots of other stalls will be there. Hopefully it will be a great day .