Monday, 19 July 2010

I really enjoyed 'carbooting' this weekend, well I always do, but it was even more rewarding after a stressy end to the week at work! It was nice to bump into lot's of 'vintage' friends as well. I spotted this pretty flannelette pillowcase being used as wrapping around something being unpacked and asked if it was for sale, the stall holder looked quite bemused by the fact that I wanted to buy it and the old tablecloth she had wrapped around something else, we all look at things differently don't we.
A vintage tea caddy.

I love this biscuit barrel and am hunting round for a space to display it. My house is quite full as every 'Vintage' enthusiast will appreciate.

My favourite find was this Vernon Ward firescreen. Its got a bit of damage in the corner not quite sure what somebody has tried to do but it involves wax crayon.
I love the faded muted colours.

I've got a metal trunk standing in the front of the fireplace at the moment so no room there. I thought it would be a good cover up for the dvd, skybox , etc. but youngest teenager looked aghast at the mere suggestion and it was impossible to change the channel! Enjoy the week and the sun that is expected.


  1. lots of lovely things, I did well this week but as you say there comes a time when there is no more room, I think I got there a few years ago :)
    I will have to post a few pics

    Cate x

  2. Oh my goodness....I know you won't mind just shipping that fireplace screen over to the US would you???!!! It's just fabulous and I am thrilled for you that you found it. I saw your comment over on my "old building" post at the French Cupboard and thought I would pop over and say hi.....HI! Come for a visit when you have the time. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend. Lynn @thevintagenest

  3. It's lovely to have people visit, drop by anytime!Linda x

  4. I love the fireplace screen. I am so glad to have come upon your blog while visiting other blogs.
    I am still looking around and enjoying it.

  5. Glad you've all enjoyed it, i'll post more soon xx


I always love reading your comments - Thankyou Linda xx