Sunday, 4 July 2010

Today was the Antique and collectables fair at the Fishmarket in Northampton.
We were rushing about getting set up in the morning and saw lot's of people we knew during the day and I totally forgot about taking any photo's! So I just took a few pics as I was packing up.

It was a really enjoyable day and lovely to catch up with 'vintage' friends. Hopefully it will become a regular successful event, the Fishmarket really isn't used to it's full potential, considering the amount of artists, musicians , groups etc. in Northampton.
Oh well back to 'normal' work tommorow only three weeks till the summer holidays, yes I'm on a countdown! enjoy your week whatever you are doing :)

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  1. Nice to see you today, your stall looked great. Hopefully you didn't have too much left to pack up and bring home with you.
    Ann x


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