Sunday, 28 November 2010

We had a lovely day at the Cotswold Vintage fair in Toddington yesterday., organised by Tonia (Poppycorkhill).We sold lots  of glassware amongst other things, obviously people getting stocked up for Christmas, how nice to use a vintage glass for your Christmas tipple. It was great to catch up with friends from 'Blogland', I have got to know some really nice people in the Vintage world!
There was homemade soup on offer for lunch, I had the leek and potato, just what you need after getting up at six at setting off in icy conditions.
There was a beautiful selection of cake, Mr TabbyRoo looking like a thing possessed! We dont have cake very often at home so I think he got a bit exicited.
We just had to sample the mince pies and my favourite the lemon drizzle cake.
I was extremely reserved with my spending and only bought this Ladybird book and knitted heart.

I love Ladybird illustrations and this book will be added to my collection, which is quite well worn now.

I've probably got about twenty books, I loved them as a child and my daughters enjoyed them when they were growing up. These are my ultimate favourite titles.

They've got everything a little girl wants, excitement, romance and a happy ending of course. 

Have a good week Linda xx

Sunday, 21 November 2010

It's been a busy week, on Monday I accompanied my Mum to Milton Keynes hospital for further tests on her heart. everything went according to plan, the staff were kind and helpful as always. So back to see the consultant in a couple of weeks. So it was back to work on Tuesday and back to the chaos at home. We've had part of my eldest daughters room sectioned off and installing a w.c and hand basin in the space. Who could believe what a mess this could cause! The girls have temporarily moved in with each other but Rubys clothes and belongings seem to have grown feet and spread throughout the house, every morning is filled with cries of 'Where are the hair straightners', or such is the like. I am by no means a tidy freak-who can be when you collect!? But will be bit happier when everybody and their belongings are back in their own room!

So I have not had much time for treasure hunting this week, I thought I would share some pictures of some of my treasured objects. These have been given to me over the years by my Mum so are very special to me. Needless to say I would never part with them. I think I know where I get my love of vintage from !

A vintage Terrys chocolate box.

This poppy designed Moorcraft vase, it has an amazing glaze to it.

This 1920's print entitled 'Idle moments'.

A sweet little trinket, sorry bit blurry- it reads 'Within you see what pleases me'
With mirror inside.

I enjoyed sharing those photos with you, now I must get back to sweeping the plaster dust! and hopefully make a few more bits and pieces for The Cotswold Vintage Fair next saturday 27th November in Toddington village hall set in the beautiful cotswolds countryside, it would be lovely to see you there Linda xx

Monday, 8 November 2010

It was a great day at the Handmade & vintage fair held at  Stony Stratford on Saturday. We were on the third floor but  customers were happy to come up the stairs and explore all the goodies on offer. I would love to say here are some photos of the day, but guess whose batteries were flat!- what a useless blogger I am. It stayed busy all day, in fact people were still looking round past closing time. I was very happy to sell quite a bit of  my handmade items such as my jar fairies. There was a great range of contemporary craft and vintage spanning the eras.
 A couple of items I didn't sell were....
This fifties/sixties glassware
This walking doll, admittedly she was stuck on a chair peeking over the table. I know some people find dolls a bit creepy but I think she is lovely and in fantastic condition especially as she is getting on a bit!
What a hairdo!

I have another walking doll at home which is not in good condition at all, and really in need of some tlc.

Her hair has gone but she has a lovely face and a very pretty dress

A bit of a rest now before our next vintage fair , in Toddington village hall in the beautiful Cotswolds countryside on 27th November.
Have a good week, Linda xx

Monday, 1 November 2010

I've had a lovely week off work and today is a bonus as it is teacher training day at the school I work at. My girls are back at school and college and Mr.Tabbyroo is back at work. So I've had quite a leisurely time pottering around a mixture of housework, making and sorting. 
On Friday me and the girls caught the train to London, we decided before hand that we were going to do a lot more walking this time and see what we discovered along the way.

There are so many beautiful buildings, you must always remember to look up..

Beautiful house with a beautiful grape vine!
Covent Garden decked out for Christmas
We stopped to watch the street entertainment
We spent quite a lot if time in Fortnum and Mason, the Christmas displays are gorgeous,well everything about that store is gorgeous and expensive!

These crackers were a £1000 a box!

Another beautiful shop we visited was Anthropologie,I love the creative way every things displayed

We found an art gallery that we hadn't visited before in Piccadilly

We packed in a lot more shops and a very nice lunch in 'Grace' off Shaftesbury Avenue. We didn't step onto the tube once(just a bus back to Euston) and still managed to see everything we had planned to and a lot more besides, plus think of the calories!! There is a good website where you can print off 'Walkit' maps and basically plan out your route anywhere in London.

It was our first Saturday at home for a long time , so we went into town and paid a visit to 'The Bicycle Bazaar'. There were a lot of sellers with beautiful handmade goodies, I was very happy with these pumpkins for 50p each

There were a few vintage stalls but nothing really grabbed my eye. We went to the last boot sale of the season at the football ground I found lots of jewellery and bits and pieces for my girls and a little bit of vintage...
I'm going to see how the swan looks on a shelf in my bedroom, got to move something off first!

The baubles and bowl will be coming with me to our next vintage event at York House in Stony Stratford this saturday 10-3, there will also be various craft stalls there.

These wooden alphabet tiles are my most favourite find, the z is missing and they are very worn but I think they're gorgeous.
I love the way considering they are a childrens toy some of the pictures are quite unusual- M for Mastiff, J for Jackdaw- that must have widened the vocabulary!

Have a lovely week Linda xx