Sunday, 28 November 2010

We had a lovely day at the Cotswold Vintage fair in Toddington yesterday., organised by Tonia (Poppycorkhill).We sold lots  of glassware amongst other things, obviously people getting stocked up for Christmas, how nice to use a vintage glass for your Christmas tipple. It was great to catch up with friends from 'Blogland', I have got to know some really nice people in the Vintage world!
There was homemade soup on offer for lunch, I had the leek and potato, just what you need after getting up at six at setting off in icy conditions.
There was a beautiful selection of cake, Mr TabbyRoo looking like a thing possessed! We dont have cake very often at home so I think he got a bit exicited.
We just had to sample the mince pies and my favourite the lemon drizzle cake.
I was extremely reserved with my spending and only bought this Ladybird book and knitted heart.

I love Ladybird illustrations and this book will be added to my collection, which is quite well worn now.

I've probably got about twenty books, I loved them as a child and my daughters enjoyed them when they were growing up. These are my ultimate favourite titles.

They've got everything a little girl wants, excitement, romance and a happy ending of course. 

Have a good week Linda xx


  1. Hi Linda, sounds like you had a lovely day. Thanks for sharing your Ladybird books, they certainly bring back some memories.
    Ann x

  2. Your stall looks lovely and the cakes look delicious x

  3. Hi Linda - it was great to catch up with you and the Mr. yesterday: I've never seen a man so happy at the site of cake before!

  4. oh how fun!!! i would love to come antiquing across the pond!!! mmmm...
    but i must ask...what the heck is a Christmas tipple? i'm almost afraid of the answer. hahaa.
    you made me smile!!
    take care

  5. Hi Linda - perhaps you met Heather from Hellish Designs? Lots of lovely goodies made from vintage grain sacks. Could you let me have your e-mail address - I'd like to ask you something . My em is in my sidebar.
    Thanks Wend


I always love reading your comments - Thankyou Linda xx