Monday, 1 November 2010

I've had a lovely week off work and today is a bonus as it is teacher training day at the school I work at. My girls are back at school and college and Mr.Tabbyroo is back at work. So I've had quite a leisurely time pottering around a mixture of housework, making and sorting. 
On Friday me and the girls caught the train to London, we decided before hand that we were going to do a lot more walking this time and see what we discovered along the way.

There are so many beautiful buildings, you must always remember to look up..

Beautiful house with a beautiful grape vine!
Covent Garden decked out for Christmas
We stopped to watch the street entertainment
We spent quite a lot if time in Fortnum and Mason, the Christmas displays are gorgeous,well everything about that store is gorgeous and expensive!

These crackers were a £1000 a box!

Another beautiful shop we visited was Anthropologie,I love the creative way every things displayed

We found an art gallery that we hadn't visited before in Piccadilly

We packed in a lot more shops and a very nice lunch in 'Grace' off Shaftesbury Avenue. We didn't step onto the tube once(just a bus back to Euston) and still managed to see everything we had planned to and a lot more besides, plus think of the calories!! There is a good website where you can print off 'Walkit' maps and basically plan out your route anywhere in London.

It was our first Saturday at home for a long time , so we went into town and paid a visit to 'The Bicycle Bazaar'. There were a lot of sellers with beautiful handmade goodies, I was very happy with these pumpkins for 50p each

There were a few vintage stalls but nothing really grabbed my eye. We went to the last boot sale of the season at the football ground I found lots of jewellery and bits and pieces for my girls and a little bit of vintage...
I'm going to see how the swan looks on a shelf in my bedroom, got to move something off first!

The baubles and bowl will be coming with me to our next vintage event at York House in Stony Stratford this saturday 10-3, there will also be various craft stalls there.

These wooden alphabet tiles are my most favourite find, the z is missing and they are very worn but I think they're gorgeous.
I love the way considering they are a childrens toy some of the pictures are quite unusual- M for Mastiff, J for Jackdaw- that must have widened the vocabulary!

Have a lovely week Linda xx


  1. It looks like you had a great time in London with your girls. Izzie and I also went last week and we also went to Fortnum and Masons and took almost identical photos. Love your glass baubles, hopefully see you on Saturday at Stony.
    Ann x

  2. What great finds Linda! I love the baubles too and the wooden blocks are wonderful! I haven't heard about the "walkit" site so thanks for that!

  3. Lovely finds, especially the Christmas baubles. Looks like you had a great time in London.
    Jo xx


I always love reading your comments - Thankyou Linda xx