Wednesday, 13 April 2011

On Saturday we all went off to the 'Think Vintage-Vintage and Handmade Fair' in Wolverton near Milton Keynes. It was very busy and Laura who organises it had made the event an hour longer than the last one to try and spread out the crush a bit. I only had time for a quick look round before it started and did manage to buy some lovely lace and ribbon, which I hope to use on some more altered bottles as I sold the last one on Saturday.

I also bought this colourful Quality Street tin from Vicki of Ticklepenny Vintage, to add to my collection. I've decided now I have six of them ,Quality street tins are another one of my collections-it's not hoarding, it's collecting!

It was nice to catch up with stall holders and customers from the last fair and Ann and Trevor who were shopping , they also organise great vintage fairs.

It's beeen quite a while since both daughters came to a fair with us, and whilst it was lovely to have them with us and practical as we could all take turns on the stall, all they seemed to do was eat all day, I'm sure thay must have made a dent in the profits, where do teenagers put it all!?

I am lucky enough now to have two weeks off work so have done a bit of weekday charity shopping. I found these sweet little Meakin plates.

I found a few other bits which I have already packed away before even taking photos! Not being super organised just that the kitchen ceiling is going to be plastered in a couple of days so been busy wrapping and packing.

Enjoy the rest of the week Linda xx


  1. I love those little Meakin plates those are really pretty. Glad to hear you had a nice time bless your girls ;-)) Enjoy your time off.dee x

  2. Hi Linda, Glad the tin has a nice new home in your collection! Enjoy your time off, Vicki x

  3. sounds like you had a fab time. I love Quality Street tins too x

  4. love the tin. Meakin plates so pretty. I like to collect plates, actually I like to collect too much of a lot of things.
    Have a fun day,


I always love reading your comments - Thankyou Linda xx