Thursday, 30 June 2011

The weeks feel like they are whizzing past now. I always get this feeling as we approach the end of term, it's a real mixture of emotions. I'm obviously looking forward to the summer holidays, but I find myself already thinking about September and the new class I will be with and new teacher, I wish I didn't do that , why do I have to start thinking about things that are way off?  Last week we had a problem solving week at school, to be honest it was more challenging for the staff as is usually the case. I found myself canoeing up the River Nene with several small children, it was fine until the guide suggested the adults stand on the seat of their boats! I was last, but I did it! Really the hardest part of the week was having to race other staff on a giant inflatable, as I dived on it ,I realised ibuprofen  would be featuring at some point that evening.
Now it is time to start getting organised for the Vintage and Handmade fair organised by Amy of Blighty Boutique, really looking forward to it.

Bought some new bits and pieces at the weekend -

Some gorgeous vintage curtains,the lady selling had two pairs, why I didn't buy both pairs I don't know.

The biscuit barrel  I going to keep for the time being, I've got a couple of others and feel a collection coming on !

Its not in fabulous condition and the key is missing, but I still think it's a nifty little vanity case.When I cleaned it up I spied Revlon printed in the corner.

These Hornsea storage jars are in fantastic condition, the lady I bought them off said her mum had kept them on top of her freezer but never filled them up!

So if you can come along to the fair, there's going to be a vintage tearoom as well. This Sunday 3rd July, Hatton Park village hall, Hatton park, Warwick. Linda xx


  1. Hope it goes well, you have some lovely things to sell.

  2. You sound like you've had a really busy week, bet you definitely are looking forward to the hols! You've picked up some lovely things too, hope the fair is a success! x

  3. Hi Linda
    Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, I bet your hubby and mine will be hitting the tea room!! Love the little vanity case.
    Jo xx

  4. Hi Linda

    Hope Sunday went well for you - looking forward to seeing you and Jake at Olney on Saturday.



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