Thursday, 25 August 2011

It's been an age since I  have visited blogland to post or read, I have missed catching up on what the blogging world is up to. It's been a hectic summer, but I have to say probably one of the best I've had as we had family come to stay that I haven't seen for a long time. My sister who hasn't been to England for two years, my niece who hasn't been over for twenty years and my  nineteen year old great niece who has never visited England.  We wanted to show them, especially my great niece a good cross section of what England had to offer, and I'm pleased to say she was not disappointed (apart from when I offered her a scotch egg!) and said she would love to return.

We visited Oxford and the beautiful Christchurch college and the very busy Turf Tavern where she had her first taste of lager and lime.

We went to Warwick castle and of course spent hours in London sightseeing and shopping, I have to say Mr.TabbyRoo was very patient with six women shopping and never being able to get in his own bathroom!

The 'Shard' in progress.
After visiting us they went down to my brother in Sussex  for a taste of the country.

It's come around very quickly to our next fair which is The Cotswolds Vintage Fair.

A few new pieces that will be coming with us....

I've also managed to make some more cushions and some altered bottles, so that's last months and this ones Monthly Make sorted

Our next fair after that is on home territory, organised by Ann and Trevor.

I'm  off to the depths of the cellar to start sorting, hope some of you can make it on Saturday xx


  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all .... apart from Mr T and the loo situation of course ;-)

    Shan't be able to make the Cotswolds fair but will see you in Northampton in September. Your bottles are so pretty and please don't get lost in the cellar x

  2. Hi Linda
    Welcome back to blog land. You brought back some fabulous memories with the Turf Tavern! When we lived in High Wycombe I used to go out with a guy from Surrey and he took me to the Turf (this was back in the 80's!) I love the place, so many good memories. The boys will be gearing up for the tea room on Saturday! Looking forward to seeing you. Safe journey.
    Jo xx

  3. I love those gorgeous bottles! Sounds like you have been having a ball, family are so important! See you soon Linda xx


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