Thursday, 1 December 2011

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Last Friday afternoon we packed up the car and headed over to The Pigeonhole Moot Hall Daventry. It houses a lovely collection of vintage, antiques, art, craft, photography , jewellery and more, all for sale in lovely surroundings.We have now got a small space there,  I decided to start off with a pink and blue theme.....

It's adding to our workload , but we were impressed on visiting the Hall and thought let's give it a go.
We still have another fair to go to before Christmas, My Little Vintage at All Saints Parish Hall in Earls Barton, Saturday 3rd 11-3pm (they are hoping to open a bit earlier10.30).
Some pretty coloured glass that will be coming with us...

Some great costume jewellery that I found difficult to get a decent photo of. I took photos inside and out, I'd be grateful of any photography tips of how to stop the glare from the stones...

Enjoy the weekend. Linda xxx

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  1. Good luck with your fair on the 3rd, and I love the costume jewellery, I also have problems photographing shiny things. Have you tried photographing without the flash? It may work...not sure.
    Jo xx


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