Friday, 11 June 2010

I am very glad it's Friday even though I've had a brilliant day at work it has been exhausting. We've had an out of Africa themed week so we have all been dancing, drumming amongst other things and today cooking - I am definitely not washing up for the next few days! The children I work with are amazing and it is times like this that are some of the most rewarding , seeing them have new experiences and simply enjoy themselves. So I have decided to post some pics of some of my artwork , for a relaxing view especially for anyone that's got that 'Friday feeling'.

Web1 - Handfelted
Daisy -Handfelted
Waterlily2 organza
Waterlily 1 organza
Have a lovely weekend x


  1. Wow! I LOVE your gorgeous artwork hunny...especially your organza one.
    Just beautiful!
    You are very talented.

    Enjoy your relaxing weekend...
    Karen x x x


I always love reading your comments - Thankyou Linda xx