Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I am quite late in blogging about the fabulous Northampton Vintage Fair, which took place on Saturday, but I have had 18th Birthday celebrations and a school production to work on, where I've been helping to costume 105 small children as various insects, so feel I have had a good excuse!  I can see that fellow bloggers have done a great job in reporting on the day, which was organised so well by Ann and Trevor.

I bought this great 1950s magazine rack for my eldest daughter, from a fellow stallholder,  Mr.TabbyRoo pulled a bit of a strange face when he saw it, but as I thought, she loved it.

I made some 'keepsakes' for my daughters birthday....

                                                               A 'captured' Georgian style fairy.

  I bought a digital collage sheet from the very talented 'Itkupilli' and used the different figures throughout, presents, tags, and cake.

Ruby loved this present. I bought the cage months ago at auction , not knowing what I was going to do with it.  Then gradually ideas came together.

The 'captured' fairy is holding a tiny key,  and suspended from a pearl rope inside the cage.

The figures all 'appeared ' later on the cake...

One of the tags I made for her had a picture of the actress Sophie Tucker,.with one of her quotes written on the back:-
 From birth to age eighteen, a girl needs good parents. From eighteen to thirty five, she needs good looks. Fronm thirty five to fifty five she needs a good personality. From fifty five on she needs good cash!

Linda xx


  1. A very Happy Birthday to your daughter, and what gorgeous presents you bought and made for her...I love the captured fairy in the cage. It was lovely to see you both again and great to catch up. It was a really super atmosphere at the fair...and the cakes were good!! Have a lovely weekend and see you at the next one.
    Jo xx

  2. oh im loving the caged fairy and I would have snapped up that magazine rack - fabulous! Scarlett x

  3. What beautiful and personal presents for your daughter's birthday, belated birthday wishes to Ruby.Great to see you both on Saturday, the magazine rack looks fab.
    Ann x

  4. Happy Birthday Ruby! Linda what an amazing birthday theme! The cage is fabulous!

    It was great to see you again love Annie x

  5. Hi Linda, Lovely to see you again at Northampton. What beautiful presents you made for your daughter and what a gorgeous cake! Vicki x


I always love reading your comments - Thankyou Linda xx