Friday, 13 August 2010

Finally! I get around to posting some photos of the lovely vintage 'treasure' I bought last week.
First off a pretty Alfred Meakin plate, just asking for some cupcakes to be sitting on it.
This old case still has the luggage label attached, looks like it travelled over with its owner from possibly Germany. It's well worn, one of the straps are broken, but it shuts properly.
I'm not really sure what this case was used for, it has some straps inside. The chap I bought it from said it was a hamper? I just think it's much too heavy for that, any ideas would be appreciated.

How I always seem to find the best tins - full of rusty nails!
A sweet little childs saving tin. The slots are marked: toys, presents, holidays,rainy day, and sweets and ices.
This tin depicts a scene of Warwick castle.

My husband bought this frame to use for something else, until he got home and saw it was a Vernon Ward print, a great accidental find!
On to my two favourite finds...
I've got quite a few Quality Street tins, but this is the first Roses one I've found.
I've been on the look out for more rusty keys for some time, so was really happy to find quite a few, they're great for craft .
This is the loveliest one, sorry it's a blurred picture, it has a little face and pretty detail. I love a bit of rust!
Enjoy your week, hope it stops raining soon Linda x


  1. Lovely things you have found, must show you my roses tin a friend gave it to me years ago full of buttons.
    I keep seeing people blog about Vernon Ward don't really know anything about him, do his pic all look similar ?
    Thanks for sharing
    Cate x

  2. Lovely finds.. I can see the rusty keys would be very inspiring.. maybe the suitcase was for exporting goods that had to be strapped in? Maybe.. and this is a random guess military purposes, it does seem the right 'colour' and 'look'.. the Vernon Ward was a great find.
    Tamzin X

  3. Thanks for your comments, nice to find on my return from holiday:) Vernon Ward painted various subjects but mostly and best known for his bird or flower paintings. Think that could be a good guess about the case, its definitely hefty enough Linda X

  4. YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY, that roses tin and the one with the blue bird on the inside lid. so sweet...i love old rusty nails in tins too...what is it about that that's so addicting?
    thanks for sharing....

  5. What lovely finds, I love the rusty keys, I too have a thing about old keys. Sorry I missed you at the Toddington Fair, hopefully we will meet at the next one, some time in November I think. It was such a gorgeous fair, and I spent too much money!!
    Jo xx


I always love reading your comments - Thankyou Linda xx