Monday, 9 August 2010

I had a good couple of days with the girls, staying with my Mum in Buckinghamshire .It's always relaxing to take a stroll by the river.

The town is full of period properties. A lot Georgian and a lot dating back a good deal earlier.

I've always wanted to see inside this one and check out the curved rooms.
There are a few charity shops to visit, but terribly expensive, so all I bought were two brooches- well I had to buy something didn't I!

The following weekend for one reason or another we did not go to any bootsales-yes I did have withdrawal symptons!, but I did find this chair in a charity shop closer to home for the princely sum of £7.50 which I thought was very reasonable.

Well made up for it this weekend, and have bought some lovely aged things which I will post later this week on my blog...


  1. Those buildings are lovely it's nice to have a change.
    Cate x

  2. I enjoy looking at the beautiful buildings and really love the vintage jewelry.


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