Tuesday, 31 August 2010

On Saturday it was the first Vintage  fair in Toddington village in the beautiful Cotswolds. We were really lucky with the weather not a drop of rain all day. There were so many beautiful stalls everybody made a great effort with display.Definitely the smartest village hall I've seen!
It was a lovely day and very well organised by Tonia.
TabbyRoos stall
An idyllic view from the back of the village hall.

                    Mr.TabbyRoo looking slightly sinister, he really isn't!
I think he was just worried someone was going to get to his Malteser cake!

We saw the sign for this reclamation yard in Croughton on our way to the cotswolds and it was still open on the way home, so we just had to stop and have a quick look round. It's called Park End Reclamation, sure we will return in the future.
Our next Vintage event will be on October 23rd in Northampton organised by Debbie of  Home Thoughts from vintage wants.blogspot.com  and Ann of  vintageatthecornerhouse We've had a stall there at the past two fairs and it always a great day with a lovely atmosphere. So looking forward to that a great deal.

 This week is back to work week, Thursday is looming and I realise like I  do after every holiday that I haven't done half of what I planned to do. The niggling jobs have not been finished and the major  ones remain unstarted. But-I believe there must always be a positive to everything there are a good few homemade dinners in the freezer,a bit of sewing has been done and several fairies put into jars! And most importantly and however stressful it has got at times!Spending time with my family is the most precious thing.
Enjoy your week Linda x


  1. Hi linda, sounds like you had a great day and your stall looks great. I would have loved to have come along but there has been so much to cram in this holiday. Looking forward to Oct but hopefully see you before then.
    Ann x

  2. Hi looks like you had good day out I wish there was something similar here (Essex) it might make me get rid of a few things I'm too much of a horder :)
    I'm back to school this week and haven't done much of what i promised myself hey ho there's always half term :)
    Cate x

  3. Looks like a good day out! But that was the Cotswold Vintage Fair & not the Vintage & Handmade Fair....that is in Chipping Sodbury!


  4. Hi Linda

    Looks like you had a great day in the Cotswolds. Looking forward to seeing you at ours in October.
    By the way tell Mr Tabbyroo that eating cake will make him fat - although I have to say I would not be able to resist that slice either especially with Malteesers on it.

  5. My hubby loved that malteser cake as well and had two slices!! That reclamation yard looks fab, must pay that one a visit. I look forward to seeing you at the Northampton vintage fair.
    Jo xx


I always love reading your comments - Thankyou Linda xx