Sunday, 19 September 2010

This weekends car booty has unearthed an abundance of 'seventies' goodies. Usually I am not so drawn to buying from this era but have not been able to resist a bit of 'in your face' colour and design!
Curtains-a flannelette type fabric.

More flannelette type fabric.

A really sweet Holly Hobbie wash bag.
Love these cheery coloured knitting needles.

These were my absolute favourite find, though nobody else seemed to share my enthusiasm at home as I excitedly unpacked them ! Two really sweet pram quilts.

And just to finish off the seventies theme....

It's all made me feel quite nostalgic...
Have a good week whatever you're up to Linda xx


  1. Oh those trays are just beautiful!
    Tamzin X

  2. What fantastic finds, and I remember things like these growing up in the Seventies (Oh Dear, showing my age!). I love Babycham too.
    Jo xx


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